Where to go in Bali Indonesia? My Bali solo travel itinerary + Fun activities!

During my first solo backpacktrip I fell in love with Bali in Indonesia, but who doesn’t? ;). Are you wondering where to go in Bali Indonesia? Check out my bali solo travel itinerary from my backpacktrip. The fun activities in Bali are endless, I stayed for 4 months and still couldn’t do all of the things I wanted to do!

To make the best out of your stay, it is a good idea to plan a bit on forehand before you will arrive in Bali. Besides these practical things please feel free to add some of my tips to your Bali (solo) travel itinerary.




Where to go in Bali Indonesia?

There are a lot of different areas in Bali and all so different from each other. Each area has its charm and fun activities in Bali. My advice is to check first to which areas you would like to travel, especially when you don’t have endless time on the island.

Check below the different areas I went to in Bali!

My Bali solo travel itinerary

  1. Canggu: I fell in love with this laid back and hip (surfers) vibe. Defenitely my favourite place on the island!
  2. Gili Islands (Gili Air/Gili Meno/Gili Trawagnan): I love the idea of no cars on the island. Just grabbed a bike to tour the island and went for snorkeling. I saw my first turtle during my snorkel trip!
  3. Uluwatu: It’s amazing to discover this area by scooter. There are many beautiful beaches and of course the Uluwatu temple with the cliffs and monkeys.
  4. Nusa Penida Island: The beaches and cliffs are AMAZING!
  5. Seminyak: It’s more touristic but perfect for shopping, nightlife, restaurants, beachclubs and.. a cooking class!
  6. Ubud: This place is absolutely amazing. I loved the rice paddies, monkeyforest and waterfalls! Aside from this, it’s a perfect place to practice yoga.
fun activities in bali

Where to go in Bali Indonesia?

1. Canggu – My favourite place

The first one on my list “where to go in Bali Indonesia” is Canggu, it’s my favourite place in Bali! Do you love surfing, healthy food and a laid back vibe? If yes, then Canggu is the perfect place for you! It feels like an oasis if you compare it to the busy parts of the island.

Looking for restaurants: Where to eat in Canggu? My 15 favourite restaurants

Canggu has lovely beaches (with high waves) and they are perfect for surfing. As well for beginners as for advanced surfers.

There are 3 different kinds of beaches in Canggu: Echo Beach, Berawa, and Batu Bolong. Echo beach is located near my favourite place: La Brisa, it’s a bar where you can have some drinks and enjoy the sunset! Berawa beach is less crowded than Echo Beach and Batu Bolong. Batu Bolong beach is the most crowded beach with the popular Old Man’s club to enjoy drinks.

Let’s go back to the surfing part because this is one of the fun activities in Bali! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, all the beaches around Canggu are suitable for everyone. If you are a beginner I suggest to take a surf lesson to get some skills.

I took a 2-hour surf lesson and I really enjoyed it. They are so kind and explaned everything very well! In the end my arms get really tired from peddling, but they even helped me to get through the waves so I could catch another one!

Duration: 2 hours
Where: Canggu, Batu Bolong beach
Including: pick up and drop off from your hotel in Canggu, surfboard, best instructors
Costs: 450.000 Rp / €30
Availability: Check it here!

BOOK YOUR LESSON: 2 hour surf lesson in Canggu

Looking for a hostel in Canggu? My 9 favourite hostels in Canggu per area

Me surfing in Canggu fun activities in bali
Batu Bolong Beach Canggu

2. Gili Islands – Gili Air / Trawangan / Meno

Would you turn down an opportunity for snorkelling with turtles? No right?! One of my biggest dream during my backpack trip was to snorkel with turtles. You can book a private 3 day snorkelling tour from Bali or go by yourself with one of the fast boats. This is absolutely one of the most fun activities in Bali!

The Gili Islands are made up of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Each of them are perfect for snorkelling. But what are the differences between the islands?

  • Gili Trawangan: This one is considered a party island. You will find the most backpackers on this island and it’s perfect to meet new people. This island is the biggest island of the three and there are a lot of bars/restaurants. If you are a solo traveller, add this to your Bali solo travel itinerary!
    Find a hotel at Gili Trawangan.
  • Gili Air: This is the middle sized island. There are less people and less restaurants/bars as on Gili Trawangan but still enough to meet new people. If you are looking for nightlife, don’t go to this island.
    Find a hotel at Gili Air.
  • Gili Meno: This is the smallest and the most quiet island. If you are travelling alone and want to meet new people, this is not the place for you. It’s perfect for couples who want to relax and enjoy the quitness.
    Find a hotel at Meno.

Funny fact: Be prepared, there will be a lot of powercuts at the Gili Islands. I had it 8 times during my one week stay at Gili Air!

How to get to the Gili Islands?

Between Bali and the Gili Islands are a lot of fast boats you can take. Make sure to buy your ticket on forehand because they will try to rip you off ;). When you arrive at one of the Gili Islands you can walk to your accommodation or they will bring you with a horse and wagon.

Costs: 710.000 Rp / €47.50
What: One way ticket from Bali to Gili Trawagnan
Included: Pick up from your hotel in Bali, insurance, 25kg bagage allowance, water
Duration: 3 hours
Availability: Check it here!

BOOK YOUR BOAT: Fast boat tickets to the Gili Islands

Gili Air Lombok fun activities in bali

3. Uluwatu – Temple + amazing beaches

Where to go in Bali Indonesia for the best beaches? Uluwatu! In my opinion, Uluwatu has the most beautiful beaches, great surf spots and hip cafes. The Uluwatu Temple is a thing you can’t miss in this area.

The Uluwatu Temple

This temple is amazing to visit during sunset. Be aware of the monkeys, they want to steal your belongings ;). I loved the beautifull cliff view from this area and to see the Kecak Dance during the sunset.

How to get there: by scooter or a taxi
Entrance fee temple: 50.000 Rp / €3,20
Attending Kecak dance fee: 100.000 Rp / €6,40
Location: Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

During my trip I combined the Uluwatu Temple complex and dance together with the Jimbaran Beach in a one day trip. The costs are 580.000 Rp / €38,80 and the tour will take 6 hours and it’s including a private driver and entrance tickets.

BOOK A TOUR: Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Bay

bali solo travel itinerary

My favourite beaches in Uluwatu

Dreamland Beach

Just one word, WOW! The name of this beach does make sense! I spend a few hours on this white sand beach and tried to swim, the waves can be high! This is the one to add to your Bali (solo) travel itinerary!

It’s the perfect spot to make amazing pictures with blue water and white sand. At the beach are some bars where you can have drink of lunch to watch the amazing sunset.

Where to go in Bali indonesia
Bingin Beach

Are you prepared for a climb? It’s a small surf paradise at a dream location! The waves can be powerfull and challenging, so it’s more for advanced surfers.

When you arrive you will have to walk down a narrow alley and you will ask yourself many times if this is the right path. Welcome to Bali ;). Don’t worry when you finish this alley you will have an amazing view of the Ocean!

Tip: Go to the Cashew Tree in this area for an amazing healthy or vegan meal! It’s just a few minutes by scooter from Bingin Beach.

Padang Padang Beach

A narrow staircase leads down to this small Padang Padang Beach. I was suprised the beach was really crowded by a lot of tourists. You will even find some small shops at the beach where you can buy souvernirs or other fun stuff.

If you are looking for a beach to relax this is not the one, but it’s great for surfing.

Be aware: there are a lot of monkeys and you have to pay a small entree fee of 10.000 IDR / €0,60.

where to go in bali indonesia
Jimbaran Beach

This is the best place for a seafood dinner. In the evening all the restaurants will set up tables at the beach for people to enjoy the fresh fish.

The beach is not the most beautiful one I have ever seen but the fish is the best I tasted in Bali! The beach is more quiet and relaxed and perfect for a romantic dinner.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang beach is one of the cleanest and longest beaches in Bali. You can make your way over to Nyang Nyang Beach just by scooter.

You have to trek down the cliffside to enter this beach. It takes around 20 minutes and some parts are very rocky. I was not prepared for that so I did it on my flipflops. I suggest wearing some better footwear ;).

During your way down you will find some little selling stalls to get drinks and some food. The climb is worth it! Check the photo below! 😉

Ulutwatu Bali solo travel itinerary fun activities in bali
Nyang Nyang Beach Uluwatu

4. Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three Nusa Islands (Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan) and has amazing landscapes! The best way to get there is to take the fast boat from Bali within just 45 minutes. I suggest to book it here, they will pick you up from your hotel in Bali and a one way boat transfer costs 400.000 IDR/ €26,80.

On the island check out Gamat Bay, Crystal Bay, Manta Bay, and Toyapakeh. Find pleasure in snorkelling, swim, ride the kayak or gondola, or do anything you like!

What I liked the most on this island? Swimming with Manta Rays! You can book this tour on Nusa Penida or book it with a tour from Bali (see below the details). It’s one of the most fun activities in Bali I did!

Costs: 1.140.000 IDR / €73,40
Duration: 9 hours
Including: pick up and drop off at your hotel, swim with Manta Rays, snorkel in scenic spots, visit Crystal Bay, Manta Bay, Mangrove Point, boattransfer, beachside lunch, standup paddling/private gondola.
Availability: Check it here!

BOOK A TOUR: From Bali Swim with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida

HOTELS: Find all hotels in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island bali solo travel itinerary

5. Seminyak

Seminyak is a more touristic spot of Bali and perfect for shopping, bars, nightlife and surfing.

HOTELS: Find all hotels in Seminyak

My favourite restaurant

I loved Kynd Community! It’s a planted based cafe and Instagram worthy! It’s absoluty worth to bring a visit. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Website: https://www.kyndcommunity.com/
Location: Jalan Petitenget No.12 Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

My favourite beach club

One of the things I liked the most in Seminyak was spending a day at Potato Head Beach Club! This place is hip and happening! Just be prepared, this place can be expensive if you compare it to other prices in Bali.

Website: https://potatohead.co/seminyak/eat-drink/beach-club
Location: Jl. Petitenget No.51B, Seminyak, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

My favourite cultural activity

But… there is more than beachclubs and restaurants in Seminyak, let’s switch to a more culturing thing!

I loved to do a cooking class. During this cooking class you will start with a tour at the market so you can buy the needed ingredients. After that you will learn from one of the best Balinese chefs to make an amazing indonesian meal.

Duration: 5.5 hours
Costs: 513.000 IDR / €33
Availability: Check it here!

BOOK YOUR CLASS: Balinese Cooking Class & Market Tour

where to go in bali indonesia

6. Ubud

The last one of the list “where to go in Bali Indonesia” is Ubud. Ubud is AMAZING! It’s a popular village in the center of Bali. Ubud has become populair because of the rice fields, waterfalls, yoga retreats, hip restaurants and the hike of Mount Batur.

HOTELS: Find all hotels in Ubud

What did I like the most in ubud?

Ubud Monkey Forest

Your visit to Ubud is not complete without a visit to the Ubud Monkey Forest. From the center of Ubud it’s just a short walk of 15 minutes to get there. Be aware, the monkeys can steal your stuff!

Tip: buy some bananes at the entrance to feed the monkeys, they like it!

Entrance fee: 80.000 IDR / €5,10.
Location: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Tegalalang rice terrace

I loved to walk around the rice paddies in Bali, everything is so green! These terraces are one of the most famous attractions in Bali. Don’t forget to bring your camera to this place!

The rice paddies are a short 15 minutes drive from Ubud Centre.

Entrance fee: 15.000 IDR / €1
Location: Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia

Tegenungang waterfall

This waterfall is worth a place in your Bali solo travel itinerary. The waterfall is amazing and it’s super easy to get to from Ubud. I went here on my scooter and it took around 15 minutes.

Entrance fee: 15.000 IDR / €1
Location: Jl. Ir. Sutami, Kemenuh, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80581, Indonesia

BOOK A TOUR: Ubud waterfall tour!

Ubud King Palace (Peliatan)

This is one of the most prominent places in Ubud. It’s located in the center of Ubud, just across the road from the Traditional Market.

Entrance fee: it’s free! If you wnat to attend a dance you will pay between 50.000-100.000 IDR /€3,20 – €6,60.
Location: Jl. Cok Gede Rai No.63, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Ubud Traditional Market

I love to stroll around this market! The people are really friendly and there are so many lovely things to buy! It’s the perfect place to buy souvenirs. Be not surprised when the market is crowded.

Opening times: every day from 9am to 18pm.
Location: Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Tip: Combine these activities together in one tour with your private driver!

Costs: 712.00 IDR / €46
Duration: 10 hours
Include: Monkey forest, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Tegenungang waterfall, Ubud King Palace, Ubud Traditional Market, Batuan Temple, Mas Village, Coffee Plantation.

COMBINE TOUR: Waterfall, Rice Terraces & Monkey Forest

Ubud Rice fields bali solo travel itinerary
Mount Batur – Sunrise trekking tour

Climb above the clouds and enjoy an amazing view during the sunrise. The trek is 11km and will take around 4 hours. Be prepared and wear comfortable shoes, bring water and sun protection.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Duration: 4 hours
Including: Pick up and drop off from your hotel, breakfast, all entree fees, water
Availability: check it here!

BOOK A TOUR: Small Group or Private Sunrise Trekking Tour

where to go in bali indonesia

Some general fun activities in Bali

Instagram tour

Wondering where all the beautiful Instagram photos are captured? Of course, they are all from Bali. If you want to see these spots by yourself, then book this Instagram Tour to make your best photos! I loved adding this to my Bali solo travel itinerary!

Duration: 8-10 hours
Price: 1.000.000 IDR / €67
Availability and more information: Check it here!

BOOK: Full-Day Instagram Highlights Tour

Rafting adventure

Looking for more adventurous fun activities in Bali? Top off your adventure in Bali with this nerve-racking rafting experience. Discover the Ayung River, view the Ayung Valley, and experience one of the water sports in Bali!

BOOK THIS ADVENTURE: Ayung River: All Inclusive Rafting Adventure

Where to go in bali indonesia

Hope you picked some of these fun activities in Bali to add to your Bali (solo) travel itinerary! Which activities did you like? 🙂

Find all hotels in Bali

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