What to do in Prague in 2 days? My Prague 2 day itinerary

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and I loved the historic center of the city. Are you visiting Prague and don’t you know what to do in Prague in 2 days? This article will guide you through my Prague 2 day itinerary from my last trip. In my opinion, 2 days in Prague is enough to see the highlights (and a bit more) but if you want to explore more than that, my advise is to stay a bit longer in this amazing city!



What to do in Prague in 2 days?

Day 1 – Prague 2 day itinerary

1. Start your trip with breakfast at Bella Vida

What’s a better way to start your day with an amazing breakfast? It was a bit hard to find some nice breakfast places but I found it! Bella Vida is a cafe with a nice ambience and it’s perfect for breakfast.

I love to healthy option of yoghurt with granola and different kind of toppings. They also serve really good coffee as well!

Bella Vida is located a bit off the beaten track near the Most Legií Bridge but it’s just one bridge down from the Charles Old Town Bridge. So a visit to the Charles Bridge is perfect after this amazing breakfast!

Tip: Get a seat outside during summer days, you will see the Charles Bridge from here!

Location: Malostranské nábř. 563/3, 118 00 Malá Strana
Opening hours: 8:30am – 7pm daily
Website: http://bvcafe.cz/

2 days in prague

2. Walk across Charles Bridge

Do you think of the Charles Bridge when you think of Prague? I do! Walking across this bridge is one of the things you can’t miss in Prague.

The Charles Bridges connects The Old Prague Center with Mala Strana (Little Side) and crosses the Vltava river. The bridge is around 700 years old. It took 50 years to build this bridge which is famous nowadays.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to this place! Do you want to take pictures without the other tourists? Make sure you go early!

prague 2 day itinerary

3. Meet the swans at Vltava River

The swans are a symbol of Prague and are photographed almost as much as the monuments and other buildings throughout the city.

When you scroll through the photos on Instagram of Prague you will find a lot of them with these beautiful swans on it.

You will find these swans near any park along the Vltava River. At least 5 or more are there laying out on the grass or swimming in the river. Many tourists feed them, but be a bit careful because they might snatch your fingers ;).

prague 2 day itinerary

4. Explore the Old Town area, New Town & The Jewish Quarter

What’s a better way to explore the Old Town and The Jewish Quarter by just walking around the historical streets. Make sure you don’t miss the Old Town Square, the Old Town Hall and the astronomical clock! The Jewish Quarter is sandwiched between the Old Town Square and the river. Tip: Visit the old Jewish cemetery.

Just outside the Old Quarter you will find New Town of Prague. This is the youngest and the largest part of the city and perfect to walk or bike through. Tip: go to Wenceslas Square!

During my visit I did a 1,5-hour walking tour to see the best places of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter with a guide. I loved walking around with a local who tells you more about the buildings, neighbourhoods and history.

Costs: The price is just 409 CZK / $18 per person.
Staring time: 1pm

BOOK A TOUR: Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter 1.5-hour Guided Tour

what to do in prague in 2 days

5. Visit the John Lennon Wall

While exploring the city I stumbled upon this John Lennon Wall. It’s a colourful wall covered in Beatles lyrics with symbols of peace an artistic paintings.

The John Lennon wall started as just a small wall in a small street near the Charles Bridge but it has transformed into a cult classic of its streets. Nowadays the wall is a symbol of peace and freedom after the murder of John Lennon.

This place is really worth a visit, it’s free and it’s located on Velkopřevorské náměstí, hard to pronounce right ;). Just cross the Charles Bridge and take the stairs down to the Lesser Quarter. It’s located across the French Embassy.

2 days in prague

6. Walk around Petrin Park

The Petrin Park is an open space park and is a little oases in the busy city of Prague. It’s a perfect place to calm you mind and escape the tourist crowds of the city during your 2 days in Prague.

There are a lot of things to do in the Petrin Park:
  • Do you like panoramic views? From the Petrin Hill you will have an amazing panoramic view of the city.
  • Go to the Petrin Lookout Tower. This tower is a small copy of the Eiffel Tour of Paris. Just walk the 299 steps to enjoy the amazing view. Entrance fee: CZK 150.
    Opening hours:
    November and February 10am to 6pm
    March and October 10am to 8pm
    April to September 10am to 10pm
  • Go to the Mirror Maze. It’s just a short walk from the Petrin Lookout Tower. Entrance fee: CZK 90. Opening hours are the same as the Petrin Lookout tower.
  • Enjoy the smell and take photos at the Rose Gardens.

See below the view from the Petrin Lookout Tower!

what to do in prague in 2 days

Day 2 – Prague 2 day itinerary

7. Go for a fun bike tour

What’s more fun than riding a bike in a new city? There are so many fun bike tours in Prague:

Do you want to discover the city by yourself? Rent an Electric bike for half a day trip!

2 days in prague

8. Visit the Prague Castle

Don’t know what to do in Prague in 2 days when it comes to history? The Prague Castle is listed as a UNESCO heritage site and i’ts the largest castle complex in the world with 750,000 square feet. Several palaces, churches, towers, halls and other buildings are open to visitors. There are a lot of free options but for many of them you need a ticket toe enter.

Do you just have a short amount of time left? My advise is to add the free areas to your Prague 2 day itinerary, but otherwise you can explore other areas as well.

Do you like tours? This place is a great place to visit by booking a tour. This tour will take 2,5 hours and includes the admission costs for St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and Golden Lane.

Costs of the ticket: $39 / 895 CZK
Start of the tour: 1:30pm
Availability: Check it here!

BOOK A TOUR: Prague Castle 2.5-Hour Tour Including Admission Ticket

2 days in prague

9. Taste a Trdelnik at Good Food

During your 2 days in Prauge you will definitely see a lot of people eating this popular Czech delicacy. Trdelník is a kind of spit cake which is made from rolled dough and wrapped around a stick. You can chose your own toppings.

The Trdelník can be found in any tourist area and will cost around 60 CKZ. Unfortunately, the idea that trdelníky are only a Czech delicacy, was a misconception. They are not only unique in the Czech Republic also in other countries they sell them. In Hungary, they are called “Kürtőskalács”, in Germany, “Baumkuchen”, in Austria, “Prügelkrapfen” and in Slovakia, “Skalický trdelník.”

Because of the advertising and the use of social media it became such a popular thing in Prauge. Although they are now made for tourists, they taste delicious!

The place Good Food is one of the best places to get your Trdelník. Enjoy!

Location: Karlova 160/8, 110 00 Staré Město
Opening hours: 10am – 11pm
Website: https://goodfoodchimney.com/

prague 2 day itinerary

10. Visit the Dancing House

The Dancing House is a uniquely designed building and it could be easily one of the most photogenic sites of Prague.
Originally called ‘Fred and Ginger’ thanks to the Hollywood film duo, Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers of the 1930s. They changed the name because they didn’t want to bring the Hollywood kitsch into Prague.

The Dancing House is located on a very busy intersection on the corner of a crossroad. If you want to take photos of the building, try to avoid the rush hour: morning and evening when everyone is en route to work.

prague 2 day itinerary

11. End your trip with dinner at Pasta Fresca

Do you love Italian food? I Do and LOVED to end my 2 days in Prague at this Italian place! They serve fresh handmade pasta and the place is located in the heart of Prague. I love the modern and fresh interior and of course, their food taste delicious!

You won’t regret adding this to the end of your Prague 2 day itinerary!

Location: Celetná 598/11, 110 00 Staré Město
Website: http://pastafresca.ambi.cz/en/
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 11am – 11:30pm / Saturday & Sunday 11:30am – 11:30pm

2 days in prague

Hope you know what to do in Prague in 2 days ;). Do you have more tips? Just leave a comment!

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